I'm a producer. How do I get started with the PRX Exchange?

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You are in the right place- the articles on this helpdesk site will walk you through everything you need to know. This article, hopefully, will serve as an overview so that you'll know what questions to ask as you begin.

What is PRX and how can it help me?

PRX is many things, but at our core we are a distribution platform where radio stations and producers can meet for the easily exchange of content: exchange.prx.org. Around 600 public radio station across the country have accounts on PRX, and over half of those use PRX weekly to find content. We are one of the few distribution platforms accessible to small/indie producers. If your goal is to have your audio licensed by a public radio station, PRX lowers barriers between you and your potential audience.

Can PRX help me make money?

Yes and no. When you publish to PRX you will be asked to assign a point value to your piece, and when a station licenses your piece these points will be translated into royalties, mailed to you in a check each quarter. Some producers make $1000 each quarter, some make $5, and some make nothing. It's safe to say this probably won't pay the bills.

There are many talented producers on PRX. The amount of money they bring in depends largely on marketing- which is where PRX's help can only go so far. Our small team does not have the bandwidth to do marketing for more than a handful of shows, so we recommend taking on that initiative yourself (but please email editors@prx.org to be featured on the homepage!).

So how can I get those $$$?

Make a list of station who your programming might appeal to. Think about station size and what content they usually air. Local stations are a great place to start. Find the contact info for the Program Directors if you can, and pitch them directly! Include a link to your piece on PRX.

We also recommend reaching out to other producers to build a network and learn how they sustain their work. Make sure to ask for critical feedback on yours!

How much should I charge for my audio pieces?

If your goal is simply to bring attention to your work and get on air, then offering your work for free is recommended. However, we understand how frustrating it is for creatives to give their work out for free over and over again. There are options. You could offer your first few episodes for free until you get a following, and then increase price. You could offer for free to stations but find underwriters to support you. Or you could charge on PRX from the get-go. 

How do I get my audio on PRX?

First up: make an account!

Once you're set up on PRX, you have two methods for publishing. There are two parts to the PRX platform: the marketplace and Automated Delivery. The marketplace is our basic option, in which producers assign points to their pieces in return for royalties and stations download directly from the website.

Automated delivery is for programs produced weekly, daily, or hourly and allows stations to subscribe and then have new episodes automatically delivered to them. This service makes your series more attractive to stations, but it is a paid service. Learn more here.

To upload to the marketplace you can go to My PRX> Create Piece. Read more about the upload process here.

What do I have to pay PRX?

Individual producer membership is $50/year, which gives you unlimited storage space for uploading and allows you to earn royalties. If you are part of a producer group then your membership fee is based on your budget and could be anywhere from $50-$1000 per year.





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