How to Upload a Story

We're so happy you decided to post your story on PRX. Can't wait to hear it!

Steps for Creating a Story

Prepare thyself!

  1. Prepare for story upload. Note: May be a good time to grab a helmet and put on your story uploading pants.
  2. Convert your WAV file to MP2 file (reminder, PRX only accepts MP2s). 

Create a Story

  1. Login, head to My PRX and click Create New Piece.

Upload Your File

  1. At the top of the page you will see a gray browser. To upload your MP2 file, click browse and search for your file on your computer.
  2. Click upload.

Start filling out your Story

  1. You'll need a title, an interesting image and a short description. Read our tips on writing a good title
  2. Fill out the rest of the information as best as you can. Stories that are filled out well look nicer and are more searchable, so spend a little time to fill out as much as you can. Click "Save and Continue" as you move through the tabs of information.

Select Your Pricing

  1. You can choose to offer your story for 0 points but we recommend you choose the default point price of 5 points/min. If your story is shorter or you'd like to charge more, you can double or triple your points. Read more about our payment policy.


  1. On the last tab of the piece create page, you'll see a preview of what your piece will look like. Above that, there will be a little gray button that says Publish. If everything looks swell to you, go ahead and click that little guy.
  2. Your story will now be published on PRX. Congrats, you did it!


  1. You successfully posted your story, but your work doesn't end there! Now you have to let the masses know. This is a great opportunity to email your piece out to friends, do some targeted marketing to program directors, and post your story on social media sites. Celebrate a little then read more about marketing your work.


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