Should I Make My Work Fit the NPR Broadcast Clocks?

Note: The attached clocks include the November 2014 updated clocks.

If your goal is to be licensed by stations, then the answer is yes!

A clock is a template that stations and networks use to program on-air: when to start and end a show, where to place breaks for local announcements and underwriting, when newscasts should be inserted, etc.

In fact, 99% Invisible did a whole show about broadcast clocks that you should listen to here.

The more you know about clocks and how they're used, the more strategic you can be about producing pieces that will have practical appeal to stations and networks.

Below are a variety of hour-based clocks used by NPR and, by extension, stations and many program producers.

* Pro tip *

If you produce an hour-long program, you'll want to take a look at the Special Programming clock for where to schedule your "news hole" (where a newscast gets inserted), cutaways for local station breaks, and when to end the program.

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