Uploading to the PRX Exchange from an FTP

If your workflow is such that uploading files via FTP in batches works best for you, we have you covered!

PRX maintains an FTP server (affectionately known as the Loading Dock) that is only used for uploading audio to the Exchange at ftp://loadingdock.prx.org.

Users can access the Loading Dock FTP server by using the same credentials (login and password) they use for the Exchange.

The files need to be MP2- so be sure they're converted properly. When an MP2 file is uploaded to the Loading Dock, it gets validated, saved to permanent storage, and processed to create mp3 files for web playback/preview, just like when audio is uploaded via the website.

Once processed, audio files are removed from the folder where they are uploaded to the Loading Dock FTP server, so users should expect to see files "disappear" after upload; it means the Loading Dock is working correctly.

After a file from the Loading Dock is validated and processed, it is associated with the Audio Dropbox for the user's default account and made available to add to pieces on the Exchange.

Loading Dock .gif

The Audio Dropbox in the Exchange is where files go when not yet associated with any specific piece.

Besides the Loading Dock, audio files are put in the Audio Dropbox when removed from a piece, rather than being deleted.

This is also how audio can be moved from one piece to another: removed audio from one piece goes to the audio dropbox, where it can then be selected and added to another piece.


Those Audio Dropbox files will show up in the Exchange in several places:

1) In the sidebar of the MyPRX page for the account:

2) There is a link to see and manage the list of files in the Audio Dropbox on the MyPRX page:

3) On the Audio Dropbox page, there are basic instructions on using the Loading Dock FTP site and Audio Dropbox, files listed with status, and the option to remove them permanently:

4) The option to use these files is also on the piece create/edit form. Instead of using the file uploader on that page, there is a checkbox to instead pick files from the dropbox:

When checked, it hides the uploader and instead shows a select box containing all Audio Dropbox files for all accounts the user can access.

After selecting a file, clicking `Add` will save that file to the piece, just as if it had been uploaded through the website.

If you have any questions, please let us know at help@prx.org

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