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What is PRX Remix?

PRX Remix is our stream and one-hour weekly show of the best podcasts, documentaries, and stories, handpicked from both independent creators and our podcast network Radiotopia. It airs on public radio stations around the country and on XM 123.

A lot of what we air isn't heard anywhere else: creative spoken-word programs, amazing podcasts, and fascinating interviews. It is all curated by PRX staff.

There is no traditional host, per se, although you’ll hear clever and smart interstitials. Most pieces are relatively short and then it is on to the next one. This fast-paced service is designed for stations and streaming.


Where does the content come from and what is it?

PRX Remix is about creative, story-driven short pieces and podcasts. It's decidedly not the news. Remix features pieces from popular series including Ear Hustle99% Invisible, Sidedoor from the Smithsonian, Becoming Wise from On Being,The AllusionistThe Memory Palace, Out of the Blocks from WYPR, Everything Is Alive, Civics 101 from NHPR and Criminal; plus, we feature stories and documentaries from both new and veteran indie producers. We have testimonials that show that listeners retain stories and details to a remarkable degree. Check out a more detailed list of the podcasts and shows in PRX Remix here.

(While we have you, we are always looking for new content for Remix, and we know stations are experimenting with new formats and styles. Learn more about how to submit your work to Remix.)


Where can I audition Remix? 

Here is an hour for station audition purposes. It features popular podcasts like Song Exploder and The Truth, as well as pieces produced by creative independents. This hour is just a sample -- we are always adding new things and re-surfacing classics as well.​​ You can hear even more hours on PRX's Exchange, where every hour of Remix is created before it is delivered to stations automatically. 

And, if you have a SiriusXM account, tune to channel 123 to hear us 24/7.


How do public radio stations use PRX Remix?

In many ways -- pick what's right for you:

  • One hour per week, several hours per day, an overnight service -- you name it. We deliver the amount of hours that you need. See the carriage list below for all the ways stations are using Remix.

  • A 24/7 primary terrestrial broadcast service. Stations are buying up new, full power frequencies and PRX Remix is a fantastic option to redefine a local public radio brand.

  • As an HD service. A number of stations see PRX Remix as a way to bring a truly distinctive public radio service to HD rather than repeating familiar public radio shows or programming second-tier network content.

  • A free stream. Just add the PRX Remix player to a station web site and away you go.


What stations are airing PRX Remix?

We are proud to be on a range of cool stations around the country. 


How does PRX Remix work for broadcast?

PRX has helped develop software that randomly shuffles the order of programs in a series of playlists. Over the course of most hours listeners hear fresh combinations of programs and pieces (we try to ensure that no three pieces will be adjacent in any six hour period) in a true remix. Newer content gets a more frequent play as older programs are played less often.

Remix runs in hourly blocks with a one-minute break at 59 minutes (clock).

PRX takes careful steps to ensure pieces are cleared for broadcast. We screen every piece for language and taste issues before it is included in PRX Remix.


How does PRX Remix get made?

PRX Remix is under new leadership as of 2018: Genevieve Sponsler is PRX's Content Manager and Remix Producer. She has worked at PRX in different capacities since 2007 -- cultivating, promoting, and curating unique audio stories. She previously managed PRX's station memberships, and knows that what stations need can vary quite a bit. She does her best to make Remix something special that will resonate with every part of the country.


What do station programmers think? 

"A mix of what public radio does best." - Bill Drake, WRVO

"Best radio that you won’t hear anywhere else." - Hawk Mendenhall, KUT

"A showcase for new, young producers that don't always find themselves on mainstream public radio." - Jackie Sauter, North Country Public Radio


What do audiences think?

We receive positive responses from public radio fans and people who have never listened to public radio before; all are thrilled to find a fresh format on the air.

“I'm a truck driver. I have a lot of time to listen to the radio. If you saw me you really wouldn't guess I listen to this kind of stuff. You would just assume I’m a big mean guy... but I have this other side of me I don’t tell people about… the more [I listen to PRX Remix] I realize it's pretty interesting; it's a change of pace from listening to music. I got a lot of time to listen to stuff while I drive and the stories really just keep me awake. Gives me something to listen to and I can imagine what I'm hearing. It's pretty neat. Some of the stuff is pretty informative. Look forward to it. You know especially late at night when I’m driving, there’s nobody out there. It makes me feel like I’m not really by myself.” - Austin

“Finally, radio that inspires me.” -B.S.

“PRX has a constant flow of perfect radio... It's like a good friend telling me a story they've been waiting all day to share.” - C.W.

“You guys are messing with my life. I CAN NOT RESIST REMIX and it's screwing up my weekends. Please send me the Handy Dandy Sleep Restorer Ring.  Enclosed are five box tops from Insomniac Trail Mix economy size package.” - M.G.H.


"I LOVE this station. First discovered it after getting Sirius radio. Now it is the only reason I keep it." - V.J.


How does PRX Remix get delivered?

PRX Remix is available via PRX's automated delivery on The Exchange. To subscribe to multiple hours (anywhere from 2 hours/week to 24 hours/day), head to PRX Remix 24. To subscribe to our one-hour weekly series, head to PRX Remix Select.


What about music reporting?

Because most of the content for Remix is licensed through PRX, we keep track of music usage there for quarterly reporting to Sound Exchange. Most of that same information is available for your broadcast reporting to ASCAP/BMI.


How much does PRX Remix cost?

PRX Remix is FREE to PRX member stations.


PRX Remix sounds great. Who do I contact?

Genevieve Sponsler, Senior Managing Producer and Sean Nesbitt, Senior Director of Industry Partnerships. 


Podcasts and Shows in PRX Remix

Here is a list of many of the podcasts or series in PRX Remix. This is not an exhaustive list -- more are being added all of the time. 

99% Invisible
The Allusionist
Ear Hustle
Everything is Alive
The Kitchen Sisters Present
The Memory Palace
Radio Diaries
Imaginary Worlds from Eric Molinksy
This Is Love
Civics 101 from NHPR
Theory of Everything
On Something from Colorado Public Radio
The Truth
¿Qué Pasa Midwest? from WNIN
Versify from WPLN
Live Wire Radio (special segments for PRX Remix)
The Science of Happiness
The World (special segments for PRX Remix)
Israel Story
Raw Data
Scene On Radio
To the Best of Our Knowledge (special segments for PRX Remix)
AirSpace from the National Air and Space Museum
Sidedoor from the Smithsonian
HumaNature from Wyoming Public Media
Things That Go Boom
Preach from KUER
Becoming Wise from On Being
This Woman's Work from Studio 360
Israel Story
Shannon Cason's Homemade Stories


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