How to subscribe to an automated delivery series

If a program uses PRX's automated delivery service, stations must have a subscription to the series in order to access weekly episodes. Here is how to subscribe:

Log in to and go to the series page for the program you take.

Select SUBSCRIBE TO SERIES (blue button on the right). Note: If you don’t see a subscribe button, please contact us.


Agree to the carriage terms and continue.


Fill in your billing info. This is required but will only be used if the program charges a carriage fee. 


There are three delivery options: 

Push files to my FTP server:
If you have an FTP server, you will be asked to provide the host site, username, and password, and preferred delivery protocol (FTP, or SFTP) so PRX can access your FTP and deliver the files there.


Pull files from PRX via FTP (recommended):
If you prefer to use a FTP provided by PRX we will provide you with a host site, username, and password. Files will be delivered to this site and you can use software like Enconveyor to pull into your automation system.

No automated delivery; we will manually download each week from
You will be responsible for visiting PRX each week to manually download by clicking the button that says “Get audio for…”


It is critical to successful file delivery that you indicate your latest actual air day. We will send available files to you one day after your latest indicated air day, so if your air day is incorrect files will be overwritten too early. 


We will generate cart ID numbers for you, but your can override them if you wish. You can always access these cart IDs later by going to the series page and then "Edit Subscription Info" in the upper right, or by going to My PRX-> My subscriptions-> Click start date-> Delivery information.


Activate subscription! PRX or the producers will approve it for you. If it is not approved within a few days please email


Do you LOVE the convenience of automated delivery? Check out our list of subscribable programs for more!

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