Subscribing to an hourly series


The process for subscribing to an hourly automated series is similar to subscribing for a weekly series, but with some key differences. To get started, you will want to click the blue subscribe button in the upper right. Please note: you will need to be an admin of your station account in order to see this button.


The first thing you'll see when setting up your subscription is the billing section. We will ask you to fill in this section, but depending on the billing arrangement for the show you are subscribing to it may not be used. For example, you will need to fill in this section even if the show is free- but you won't be charged for it.


Next you will be asked to choose from three delivery methods. We recommend pulling files from the prxtransfer site we will designate for your station. If you choose this method, you will be able to access your FTP site using the credentials we generate for you. However, you can also choose to push files to your station's FTP server if you already have one set up. In this case you will be asked to enter the hostname, username, password, directory and protocol for the push:

imageIf your station does not use FTP servers you can choose to manually download the files. Please note that a staff person would need to do this for each hour of programming you air.


All hourly episodes have a designated air window opening, which is pegged in the episode title. For example:

JN 190426 H1_DEE: Jazz Network, 4/26/2019 1:00 AM

CLW 190412 9AM: ClassicalWorks (Episode 111), 4/12/2019 9:00 AM

The audio will be available to air on this date, but you can air it any number of days afterwards. We ask you to indicate when you air the selected hours so that we know when we can deliver new audio to you without overriding an episode you haven't used yet.

Please select "on time" if you air episodes on the day the air window opens. 

You can alter the File Type, Naming, and Metadata according to your station's needs- but we recommend using the default settings. 


Each program has a different daily set of hourly productions. In this example, Jazz Network produces 8 hours each day. You may have preferences for some of these hours based on host or time of production- in this case, select the hours you would like delivered to you. If you do not make a selection you will receive all hours in your FTP.

Please note that you can air these hours at any time throughout the day.


Each hour is assigned a unique cart ID number. Our system assigns a consecutive range of cart IDs to these hours, but you can override them by entering a cart ID in the "Cart Number Overrides" field. 


After clicking "continue" you will have an opportunity to review the licensing terms. By clicking "Activate subscription" you agree to these terms.


Once you submit your subscription request it will live as a pending subscription in your subscriber report until the producers approve the request. If you need your request approved ASAP please reach out to


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