How to integrate PRX with automation systems

To access the settings for one of your existing subscriptions, log in to and go to My PRX> Choose account (switch to station account)> My Purchases> My Subscriptions> Edit.

Step One: Designate an FTP Server

We realize that some stations do not have an FTP server, or might have trouble getting their files from the PRX FTP servers into their automation system.

We don't want there to be any financial barrier to stations in using our broadcast technology, so we give stations the option of using a PRX-designated FTP server. We highly recommend this option— our servers are very stable, require no maintenance, and are free to use. Simply select the "Pull files" option when setting up your subscription and we will generate your FTP credentials for you:


However, we understand if some stations prefer to use their own FTP. If so, here are some tips for setting up an FTP to use with PRX.

  1. FTPs must have multiple ports open in order to work. The range of ports you need to have open depends on the FTP server, but in general, your server should have a defined range of passive data connection ports. The firewall should likewise be open for this same range.
  2. Port 21 is the command port and must be open. This is also the port that PRX will use as a default.
  3. If you would like to limit what IPs can connect to your server, we recommend whitelisting all the AWS ports (as that is where PRX FTP clients are hosted).
  4. If you whitelist certain IPs, keep in mind that they are not static and will need to be updated in your firewall rules as they change. AWS maintains a public list of IP ranges for this purpose:
  5. If you are having files pushed to your FTP using an SFTP protocol, select it from the drop-down, and fill in the information for your host, port (if different from 22) User, Password, and Directory:image

Step Two: Set Up Ingestion Software

Stations will need a third-party software to get your files from an FTP server to a local folder where your automation system can ingest them, without having to do this manually. Here are some recommended solutions:


  1. ENconveyor (will work with any automation system).
  2. WinSCP (Paid FTP Client)
  3. CoreFTP (Paid FTP Client)
  4. CuteFTP (Free FTP Client)
  5. SyncBack (Free FTP Client available)
  6. Second Copy (Paid FTP Client)
  7. Radio Spider (Paid FTP Client)
  8. Yummy FTP Watcher (For Mac) (Paid FTP Client) 

Once you have set up your software and configured the rule for your new subscription, you can troubleshoot by manually pushing a file delivery to your FTP. 



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