How to integrate PRX with automation systems

Information about Automation Systems

We realize that some stations do not have an FTP server, or might have trouble getting their files from the PRX FTP servers into their automation system.

Here are some solutions that we recommend to get your files from an FTP server to a local folder where your automation system can ingest them, without having to do this manually.


  1. ENconveyor (will work with any automation system).
  2. WinSCP (Paid FTP Client)
  3. CoreFTP (Paid FTP Client)
  4. CuteFTP (Free FTP Client)
  5. SyncBack (Free FTP Client available)
  6. Second Copy (Paid FTP Client)
  7. Radio Spider (Paid FTP Client)
  8. Yummy FTP Watcher (For Mac) (Paid FTP Client)


Tech Support for Automation Systems

  1. ENCO: Setup guide for Enco users.
  2. AUDIOVAULT: AudioVault Tech Support.
    More on AudioVAULT and AVFTP.
  3. WIDE ORBIT: Wide Orbit Tech Support.
  4. iMediaTouch: iMediaTouch Support.
  5. NexGen: RCS NexGen Support. 
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