How Do I View/Edit My Subscription Information?

You can always access your subscription information on the PRX Exchange site. Follow the instructions below to access and edit your subscription information, including cart ID numbers. The end of the article explains how to integrate your FTP site with your automation system.

Accessing/Editing Subscription Information

When editing your subscription information, there are three important things to check:

  1. Does the air date match the day you actually air the program?
  2. Is the correct file delivery method selected (pull, push, manually download)?
  3. Do the assigned cart ID numbers work for your station?

To check, there are now two options:

  • Log into
  • Ensure you are in your station (not individual) profile
  • on the right side of the page, your station’s latest subscriptions -click "View All" to see the full list.


  • Log into
  • Click on MY PRX on the upper right-hand corner


  • Under Choose Account select your station from the drop-down menu
  • Click on My Subscriptions (under Purchases)


  • Click on the "Edit" link next to your subscription


  • You can disregard the billing information and scroll down to the "Automation Integration" section. Here you can select how you would like to get the files. Beneath this selection, you will see either your PRX FTP information or fields to enter your station's FTP information (depending on which method you select). 


  • Carriage and Delivery days: Please select the latest day you actually air the program, not the day you want the program delivered (this makes sure files aren't overwritten too soon). For help setting a delivery day for a daily program click hereimage
  • File type, Naming, and Metadata: You can select your file type, the way you would like the files to display in your FTP, and your kill date. 


  • Cart Numbers: You will see the cart ranges assigned to the audio segments, and an option to override them for number that make more sense for your station.


Automation system integration

Once you have your cart ID numbers, you can use them to configure your automation software to pull the correct files from your FTP into your automation system. If you don't currently have the software to do this, we recommend using ENCOnveyor. PRX has a limited number of free ENCOnveyor licenses- if you would like one, please email

You can learn more about using ENCOnveyor for PRX by calling: 248-827-4440 option 2 or emailing



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