Automated Delivery FAQ for Stations

What is the automated delivery service? 

PRX offers producers and stations an automated delivery option for daily, hourly and weekly series. For automated distribution a station must subscribe to a program. Each week, PRX will push out the latest program to a station's automation system, where it will be ready to air. This means station staff will not have to come to PRX weekly to download the latest episode.

Why did you create the automated delivery service?

Integration with automation systems was the most requested improvement stations had been asking for, and PRX wanted to provide it.  We have also added features to our platform including metrics, billing, and a number of other features producers and stations have been asking for.  

We've been distributing thousands of programs for 15 years.  PRX is pleased to mark this milestone in serving public radio stations and producers. Automated delivery is a significant addition to the PRX mission: to provide accessible and diverse programming and efficiencies to all stations.

Is this service available for all hourly, daily and weekly series or will PRX pick and choose?

Automated delivery is available for producers publishing hourly, daily and weekly content, as long as the program follows a consistent production schedule and format.

Will PRX charge stations to receive content through our automation?

No, stations won't pay a fee to get automated delivery. They will only pay the series carriage fee the producer has designated.

We aren't station members of PRX.  Can a station get an automated series like The Moth without a PRX membership package?

Yes. A station can subscribe to an automated show and does not need a standard PRX membership with a point package. However, if the station wants any programs on PRX outside of the weekly series they are subscribed to, then they would need a membership.

Will PRX allow stations to use membership points for automated series in any circumstance?

Series that use our automated service are carriage-fee only and stations cannot use points to purchase them. Series that are outside of our automated delivery system will still charge points and stations can spend their points to purchase those series.

Will PRX continue to have station membership expiration dates and if so what expires?

Point packages will continue to expire in a year. In this respect, the base PRX economy doesn't change; but all automated programs will have a dollar price and stations who pay a carriage fee for automated delivery will always have access to those programs even if their points expire.

What kind of automated delivery reports do stations get?

In My PRX, you will see a summary of what your station gets from PRX: your point package and any programs you have subscribed to via automated delivery. You can update or change billing info and preferences under My PRX.

What is TSR?  I have to enter it when for our station's subscription.

Total Station Revenue is your Community Service Grant + nonfederal funding sources + all other revenue.  

What happens when you cancel a an automated delivery subscription?

1) Your station will be billed for 3 months, 2) a notification to is sent to the producer.

Does PRX allow stations that use automated delivery to get non-weeklies into their automation system?

Not at this time. But you can download a non-weekly program to your station's FTP.

I forgot my username.  How do I get it?

Email us at, call 617 576 5455 x 0

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