Can I publish videos to my podcast?

Yes indeed! You will just need to have a video template set up for your podcast. Please do not edit or create a new template without reaching out to


Once PRX has been notified, you can add a video template by logging into Publish and clicking on your series title. Navigate to the audio templates tab and click add video template at the bottom.


Title your template and save your changes! Then navigate to the Podcast Info tab and add that video template as one of the templates your podcast will use.


When you select your video template for one of your episodes you will need to upload an MP4 file of your video. The episode will be listed in your feed like the other episodes, but when a listener clicks into it they will see a video player rather than an audio player.

Please note: Ads cannot be dynamically inserted into video content via Dovetail, and not all podcast apps support video episodes. 

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