How do I edit an episode once it's been published?

If you need to make an edit to an episode that has already gone live, you easily can. You don't need to unpublish!

All you need to do to make an edit is:

  1. Log into Dovetail Podcasts 
  2. Go to the episode you need 
    Select an Episode.gif

  3. Make the changes (updating text, swapping out an audio file, etc) 
  4. Click Save and Publish
    Save and Publish.gif

  5. You’re all set. Changes might take as much as 24-48 hours at times to populate certain applications depending on their feed refresh rate.

That’s all. If you unpublish, it will remove your episode from your feed. Republishing it may cause issues with the order of your episodes if the date and time don't match your previous publish date and time. 

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