What is the difference between ‘Draft’, ‘Scheduled’, and ‘Published’?

As you set up your episodes in Dovetail, you will come across three distinct statuses that signify each episode's current state. You can find the status and update the status on your episode page on the upper right-hand corner.




Screenshot 2024-02-27 at 6.13.09 PM.png 

Consider your draft as the working copy for your podcast episode, where you input titles, tags, and descriptions and attach your audio files. During this phase, the episode remains in a private state

collision.png Protip: Episodes left in a draft state will remain unpublished. If you are scheduling your episode (see below), you must schedule your episode and then click save. Please ensure the status of your episode updates. 

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Your scheduled episode is in the queue for publication, patiently awaiting its assigned debut date and time. While in this phase, it remains private and won't be visible in podcast apps until its scheduled release.

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Your episode is available in your feed; this means that it has been officially released and is now available for the audience to listen to. The episode becomes accessible to the public through podcast directories, platforms, and apps. And you'll now be able to track metrics for the episode. Voila!


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