Getting to know PRX ID

ID is the nerve center of Dovetail. Within ID you can:

  • Navigate between Dovetail applications, the Exchange, and helpful support documentation
  • Edit your account profile
  • Create and manage group accounts

Navigation Hub

The dashboard within ID is your all-access pass to all that Dovetail has to offer. Move between different applications, account management options, or support documentation with ease.

collision.pngWe've recently renamed some of our applications and have brought them under the Dovetail umbrella. Please check out the guide below and update your bookmarks. collision.png

Screenshot 2023-10-23 at 1.26.54 PM.png

Editing your Account Profile

Select Profile to access your account profile. Make updates to your login, email, and profile picture here and select Update Profile to save changes. Password resets can also be instigated from this page.


Create and Manage Group Accounts

Podcasts on Dovetail are managed by group accounts. Group accounts are made up of individual PRX user accounts that require similar access to the content for a podcast.

Within the Groups panel you can select a default group, create a new group, request access to a group, or manage existing group account settings.


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