How to Create a New Group Account

Access to your podcast content in Dovetail is controlled by Group Accounts. Group accounts are a collection of individual PRX accounts that require similar access to a podcast’s content across Dovetail. This access can be tailored to an individual user’s organizational role.

Creating and maintaining group accounts for your shows is one of the most essential aspects of Dovetail, so let’s dig in!

Log in to ID and navigate to the Accounts panel


Select New Group Account button


Fill in group information

    1. Name (Name of your show)
    2. Custom URL path
    3. Description
    4. Short Name
    5. Profile Picture
    6. Address & Billing information


Select Screenshot_2023-01-03_at_10.02.58_AM.png

Congrats on setting up your first group account! You’re now this group accounts’ administrator - so you’ll be responsible for adding, approving, and removing other members - along with assigning member roles.

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