PRX Exchange Overview

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What is the PRX Exchange, and what does it do?

The PRX Exchange ( is our broadcast distribution platform, and public radio's largest distribution marketplace. It offers tens of thousands of audio pieces for broadcast and digital use. The PRX Exchange is an open system — anyone can join, publish, and earn royalties. Hundreds of public, community, college, and Low Power FM (LPFM) stations can buy pieces on PRX for their local air.

PRX showcases the best work on PRX Remix, our 24/7 channel available on XM 123, online, and on a growing number of terrestrial stations.

Payment and Account Management 

Each individual on PRX has their own username. Create your free account now. 

You can then be added as a member of a station account or a producer group account. Or, you can just post work under your individual account. 

For producers: Everyone begins with a free individual account, but if you want to earn royalties or post more than two hours of audio you'll want to upgrade. More about producer accounts.

For stations: Stations need station memberships in order to purchase and post content. More about station memberships. 


PRX has its own economy. Stations use points toward content and producers earn royalties when their work is licensed by a station. Read more about that here.


PRX is an open, non-exclusive distribution platform so that means that you will largely be marketing your own work (or paying someone to market it for you). You can read more about the marketing and editorial work we currently do at PRX. 

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