Managing multiple accounts and memberships

You can participate in PRX in multiple ways: as an individual user, as a station staff member, or as a member of a producer group. Being a part of so many accounts can get confusing and may lead to questions like...

I never use my individual account. Can I delete it?

No. Think of your individual user account as the link that allows you to access all of PRX. You login under your individual account, which can then be linked to a producer group or station account. If you delete your individual account then you will lose access to your groups.

Can my station or producer group have a general login?

We strongly recommend that each user on PRX have their own account and login. This allows staff to be removed and added, and protects the integrity of your group or station account. If you decide to give all your staff access to the same login, please be aware that there will not be a record of which users have made changes or purchases under your account.

How do I switch between my accounts?

When you log in to PRX, you will be brought to the homepage of your individual user account. If you want easier access to your group or station account, you can go to My PRX> User> Manage Accounts. Here you will be able to designate your default account for login.

You can also switch accounts by going to My PRX and choosing your account from the drop-down menu in the upper right.

Do I need to pay an individual membership fee and a group membership fee if I only use the group account?

A PRX membership ensures that you get royalties and unlimited space for the pieces you upload. You only need to pay a membership fee for the account(s) you upload audio to- so if your individual membership expires but you never publish under that account, then no sweat. 

My station has an account on PRX just to take an automated delivery series. Does this mean we have a membership?

If you use PRX exclusively to receive an automated series then you can create a station account for free. This does not mean you have a membership to PRX, and if you want to license pieces from our catalog you will need to pay for a membership. 

Can I move audio between my individual account and group accounts?

Yes- go to My PRX> Manage Pieces> select the pieces you want to move> choose the account you want them moved to under the "Move to" drop down menu at the top. Save changes.

Can I leave a group or station account?

Yes. Go to go to My PRX> User> Manage Accounts and click "Leave group" next to the account name. If you are the admin of that account then you won't be able to leave it- you will need to deactivate the group, or designate a new admin.

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