Should I create an Individual or a Group Membership?

We have two different options for membership: individual accounts and group accounts.

Group accounts are for those who have more than one producer in their group. With a group account, multiple members can have access to the account and you can choose the name for your group (rather than have stories appear under your name). Good for those who have a weekly show, production company, etc.

Individual Account: 

$50/year for unlimited audio storage and the ability to earn royalties when someone buys your work.

Group Account: 

To be added to a group account, a person must have an individual profile. However, they do not need to pay the individual account fee of $50. Rather, their individual account is a tool through which they access the group account, where they can upload audio.

Group Budget Size Annual PRX Group Membership
Below $49,999    $50
$50,000 - $149,999    $120
$150,000 - $299,999    $150
$300,000 - $449,999    $200
$450,000 - $1 Mil    $500
$1 Mil+    $1,000

To create a group account:

  1. Login to individual user acccount and head to My PRX.
  2. Click Create New Group.
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