Understanding Types of Allocation Statuses

Allocation statuses in Dovetail Inventory give you an idea of how your flights are performing in relation to their impression goals at a glance. You’ll find them in a few key spots within Dovetail Inventory, such as:

The main flights dashboard


And within a flight itself


But what do these statuses mean?!


A status of Ok means your flight is on track to deliver all its targeted impressions successfully.


A status of Error means that your flight might not have enough impressions available to meet the total goal. Human intervention may be needed to ensure the flight can deliver its goal in full.


A status of Queued means this flight is in a line with other flights to receive an allocation calculation.


A status of Running means the allocation calculation is currently in progress.


*Queued and Running are statuses that most often appear in relation to larger-than-typical allocation calculations that require additional server resources to be processed.

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