Understanding Flight Statuses

Flight statuses reflect the current state of their respective flight. There are eight different statuses for flights in Augury: Approved, Canceled, Completed, Draft, Hold, Paused, Sold, and Unfulfilled.


Screen_Shot_2021-12-20_at_3.04.49_PM.png The flight is published and is running or will run when scheduled
Screen_Shot_2021-12-20_at_3.04.38_PM.png The flight has been canceled. Already consumed impressions have been counted for reporting purposes.
Screen_Shot_2021-12-20_at_3.04.23_PM.png The flight completed and the goal was satisfied.


Previews the flight targets and available inventory.
Screen_Shot_2021-12-20_at_3.03.55_PM.png Inventory is allocated and reserved [for 5 days]
Screen_Shot_2021-12-20_at_3.03.42_PM.png The flight is approved but has been manually stopped.
Screen_Shot_2021-12-20_at_3.03.20_PM.png Inventory is held, the campaign can be approved once the creative is finalized.

The flight completed but there were not enough impressions to satisfy the goal. Suggest extending the campaign.


The flight failed to allocate availability due to an error.


There are a few contexts in which knowing these flight statuses is helpful:

When you search for flights by status on the Flights dashboard


When you assign or check a flight's status within a campaign




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