Tags, Pixels, & Pingbacks: How to add Third Party Ad Tracking URLs to your Creatives

Third party ad tracking is a way to monitor ad impression delivery from an outside ad management system other than the system currently delivering the ads. This type of tracking is often referred to by different names such as tag, pixel, or pingbacks

To add a Pingback url to your creative use the following steps:

Step 1 - Login to Dovetail Inventory

Step 2 - Navigate to the Creatives tab via the hamburger menu in the top left portion of the screen


Step 3 - Select the creative you’d like to add a tracking url to


Step 4 - Select Pingbacks


Step 5 - Paste in the URL and select  Screenshot


Dovetail has no limit to the number of third party ad tracking tags that can be implemented per each ad.

Pro Tip: Delete old urls by checking the Remove box and selecting Update Pingbacks


PRX can provide ad impression delivery via third party ad tracking to partners who provide a valid tag in URL form. Additional information can be provided through the third party ad tracker, but partners must specify what they are looking to receive by supplying macro instructions.

Learn more about macro instructions and our approved Third Party Ad Tracking Partners here! 

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