Third Party Ad Tracking

Third party ad tracking is a way to monitor ad impression delivery in an ad management system outside of the ad server transmitting ads to users. The instrument implemented for this type of tracking is often referred to by different names such as tag, pixel, pingback, or URL. Dovetail Inventory has no limit to the number of third party ad tracking tags that can be implemented per each ad.

PRX can provide ad impression delivery via third party ad tracking to partners who provide a valid tag in URL form. Additional information can be provided through the third party ad tracker, but partners must specify what they are looking to receive by supplying macro instructions. The exception to this is IP address; PRX will only share IP addresses with partners who have signed a DSA with PRX, agreeing to handle the data in a way that is acceptable to PRX. 

Commonly used third party ad tracking macros and their corresponding dynamic parameters for Dovetail Inventory cooperation:

    • Cachebuster: {randomstr} or {randomint}
    • Podcast ID: {podcast}
    • Episode GUID: {episode}
    • Campaign ID: {campaign}
    • Flight ID: {flight}
    • Creative ID: {creative}
    • User agent: {agent}
    • User agent MD5: {agentmd5}
    • Truncated IP: {ipmask}
    • Listener ID: {listener}
    • Listener Episode ID (unique to listener & url): {listenerepisode}
    • Referer: {referer}
    • Timestamp (epoch): {timestamp}
    • Request URL (no protocol): {url}
    • *IP address

Approved third party ad tracking partners (and their domain names): 

    • Adelaide (
    • Adform (
    • *Artsai ( or
    • C3 Metrics ( https://562-img.
    • *Chartable (
    • *Claritas (
    • Comscore: (
    • D+M: (
    • Disqo (
    • Dynata (
    • Extreme Reach (
    • Flashtalking (https://servedby.
    • Google/DCM/Doubleclick (
    • Innovid (
    • Kantar (
    • LoopMe (
    • Lucid (
    • *Magellan (
    • Masterworks (
    • MediaMath (
    • Neustar (
    • Nielsen (
    • Phoenix (
    • *Podscribe (
    • Podtrac (
    • Sizmek (
    • *Spotify Ad Analytics (
    • Veritonic ( OR https://bl.veritonicmetrics. com)
    • VideoAmp (

*Partner with DSA in place (data sharing agreement); can receive the un-truncated/complete IP address

**DoubleVerify tags are not accepted

To submit a new partner for approval, send a message with a sample tag to and Please allow 2-3 business days for request approval/denial.


As an additional aid, below are some example URLs for various services with Dovetail macros added to them (.example added to the domain names to prevent bots from causing noise on the real URLs):;dc_trk_aid=123;dc_trk_cid=123;ord={randomint};dc_lat=;dc_rdid=;tag_for_child_directed_treatment=;tfua=;ltd=?%7D~{episode}&c1={podcast}&erdm={randomint}&c4=RSS&ectg=KEYWORDS;1x1inv=1;srctype=3;ord={randomstr};sz=1x1;ord={randomstr};dc_lat=;dc_rdid=;tag_for_child_directed_treatment=;tfua=?;sz=0x0;ord={randomint};dc_trk_aid=123456789;dc_trk_cid=123456789;ord={randomstr};dc_lat=;dc_rdid=;tag_for_child_directed_treatment=;tfua=;ord={randomint};request_ts={timestamp};user_agent={agent};ip_address={ip};podcast_id={podcast};episode={episode};campaign_id={campaign};creative_id={creative};flight_id={flight}{randomint}&prx_ctrk={podcast}!{episode}!adxcel!{ad}!prx&pixid=abcdefgh-1234-abcd-1234-abcdefghijkl&ip={ip}&ua={agent}{campaign}&elid={episode}&crid={creative}&cb={randomstr}&user_agent={agent}{randomstr}{randomint}&cmid=123456789&sid=123456789&pid=123456789&cgid=123456789&cid=123456789&aid=123456789{randomint}&prx_ctrk={podcast}!{episode}!adxcel!{ad}!prx&pixid=abcdefgh-1234-abcd-1234-abcdefghijkl&ip={ip}&ua={agent}{ip}&ua={agent}&ts={timestamp}&podcast={podcast}&episode={episode}&_={randomint}{ip}&ua={agent}&show_id={podcast}&episode_id={episode}&ts={timestamp}&_={randomint}{agentmd5}&episode={url}{randomstr}&{ip}&ua={agent}&ts={timestamp}&podcast={podcast}&episode={episode}&_={randomint}{randomint}&gdpr=${GDPR}&gdpr_consent=${GDPR_CONSENT_110}&us_privacy=${US_PRIVACY}{agent}&ip={ip}&idfa={listener}&cid={podcast}-{episode}&ord={randomstr}{campaign}&client=abcdefgh-1234-abcd-1234-abcdefghijkl&dt={timestamp}&eid={episode}&event_type=imp&ip={ip}&ord={randomint}&plt=prx&pub=publisher&show={podcast}&ua={agent}
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