I am having problems uploading an MP3!

Stop right there! I know you really want to upload that MP3 and I have a funny feeling you're probably smashing your keyboard wondering why it won't upload. Sorry about that, but I do have a shockingly simple answer for you.

PRX does not accept MP3s.

I know that sounds extreme, but an MP3 is a compressed file and won't work for broadcast at many public radio stations. Read more about what an MP2 is and why we require you to use them.

To get the right file for PRX:

  1. Export a 44100 Hz, 16 bit integer WAV file in your audio editing software.
  2. Use the Hindenburg PRX Encoder to convert your file to a MP2 file.
  3. Upload the MP2 file in the browser section of the Piece Create page.

Voila! You're good to go. No more keyboard smashing.


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