You might want to consider creating a series...

If you have a daily, weekly, monthly or "whenever-the-heck-I-want" recurring show, then most likely you'll want to consider creating a series page for it. 

The benefits of having a series page are that you can then point a listener or station staffer to your series page to see all of the programs available in that series. And, if you produce weekly, your show can be added to the weekly series list on the PRX Exchange.

Some reasons you may want to consider creating a series:

  1. Recurring show: like a weekly or a daily show. Having a series will keep all the episodes of your show together under one series page. 
  2. Limited Run: let's say you made 5 episodes about one topic and you want them all to be grouped together for a limited series, this would be a good use of the series page.

To create a series:

  1. Head to My PRX.
  2. Choose either your individual or group account.
  3. Click Create New Series.

Now you've got a series. Woo!

To add pieces to a series:

  1. You can add old pieces to a series by heading to Manage Pieces.
  2. Or, you can add a new piece to a series when you click Create New Piece>Click the tiny box that says "Add this piece to a series."
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