You might want to consider creating a series

If you have a daily, weekly, monthly or "whenever-the-heck-I-want" recurring show, then most likely you'll want to consider creating a series page for it. 

The benefits of having a series page are that you can then point a listener or station staffer to your series page to see all of the programs available in that series.

To create a series:

  1. Head to My PRX.
  2. Choose either your individual or group account.
  3. Click Create New Series.

Now you've got a series. Woo!

To add pieces to a series:

  1. You can add old pieces to a series by heading to Manage Pieces.
  2. Or, you can add a new piece to a series when you click Create New Piece>Click the tiny box that says "Add this piece to a series."
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