Details about automated delivery for your series

Automated delivery is easy to use, saves time and is a cost effective solution for delivering your shows to stations. If you're interested in delivering your daily or weekly program via PRX's automated delivery system, please get in touch!

Read on for more information about this service.


Automated delivery costs the program's producer $100 per primary station per year for a weekly series (no cost for repeaters and translators). Please reach out to our helpdesk at for cost of daily and hourly series.

PRX will divide the cost into 12 payments and charge your credit card monthly.  


Each episode can have promos delivered with or before the episode audio. In order to make sure we have the right promos, we need to know how many files to expect, and how long they will be in total. For instance, if you produce a 30-second promo and a 60-second promo, enter 2 in the Promo Count and 1:30 in the Total Promo Length.

Episode Audio

Each episode has to have at least one segment of audio, and may be broken up into multiple segments/audio files (e.g. a billboard file, news hole, segment 1, music break 1, segment 2, etc.). Define below the number of segments and the length for each version of episode you will publish.

Some programs will upload more than one version, such as a segmented version and a single-file version.  To add another version, click Add a new Audio Version.

Production Schedule

Frequency - Currently automated delivery is available for weekly, daily and hourly series. 
By which day and hour will your show be available for stations to air? - Choose the day, hour and time zone. We require you to get the file to PRX 11 hours before your air window opens.

Promo Days Early - List how early the promos will go up.  For example, if your episode is added every Friday, but your promos get published on Wednesday, enter 2.  If the promos get published the same day as the episode, enter 0.  You can always publish your promos earlier than what you enter in this field, but DO NOT publish them late.  

Evergreen Piece - In case of a problem where a subscriber is unable to get a scheduled episode, please specify which of your existing pieces could be used at any time.
File Prefix - Series need an abbreviated title for use by automation systems. Choose a name that is 8 characters long without spaces.


Carriage Agreement Terms - These are standard terms that PRX requires of all subscribing stations.  These cannot be edited.
Additional Terms for this Series - Provide any additional terms or production notes for this series. This information will be shown to stations as part of the subscription process.

Get started

If you'd like to use the automated delivery service for your series, please email

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