How do I approve or reject a subscription to my automated series?

To approve a subscription:

When a station subscribes to your series, they will need to indicate their air day and agree to your carriage terms. Once they do this, you will see a notification in your subscriber report. Depending on your email settings, you should also receive a notification in your inbox. You will need to click "Approve subscription," review the information, and click "Activate subscription." The station will then begin receiving episodes. 

If the notification says "Pending approval by both parties," or "pending approval by <station name>" then it means the station has not completed their subscription request and you will not be able to activate the subscription until they do so.

To deny a subscription:

There is no way to delete a pending request from your subscriber report. If you see a subscription request from a station that you do not want to air your program, you will simply leave the request as pending. You may want to let the station know why you will not be approving their request. 


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