How do I create an episode for my automated series?

Step 1: Create a Piece

There are a few ways to do this: by clicking the "create piece" link on the homepage, or by going to My PRX and "Create new piece."


Step 2: Upload Audio

You'll need to update your Adobe Flash preferences to use the "browse" function. Click browse. Select the files you wish to upload and click "Open" and then "Upload." The files will generate in the Piece Audio section down the page.

PRX requires the following file specs: MP2, stereo, 256 kbps, 44.1kHz. You can learn more about formatting your files here. 

Use our encoder to convert your wav files into PRX-ready MP2s. 


Step 3: Cover the Basics

After your audio has been uploaded you will be prompted to provide information about your piece. Some of this is optional, but the information under "basics" is pretty key.

You can read the text in the boxes below for suggestions about what to include in each section.

Pro tip: Scroll down to "Piece Audio" first and finish uploading your files so they can process while you fill in these details.


Step 4: Process Audio

Your uploaded audio files will appear under "Audio Segments" with a prompt to "update label." Choose a clear naming convention (i.e., ShowAbbrev_MonthDay_Seg#).

After you update the label, your files will start processing. If they seem stuck, try refreshing the page. You can drag the files to reorder them.


Step 5: Timing and Breaks


Step 6: Details

Much of the information on this tab is optional. It is up to you to decide how much information you would like stations to have. 

If you would like to have an episode-specific image you can upload it under "Images"- otherwise we will pull your series image. 


Tags will help your piece appear if people search for the topics you tag your episode with. You can choose three tags under the categories Topics, Format, and Tones.

Step 7: Permissions 

We recommend that you allow your piece to be embedded and heard on other websites so it can be shared widely.

Step 8: Publish

You will want to publish your episode audio and your episode promos in the same piece. If the full episode is ready, you can publish it even if the air date is weeks away. 

If only the promo is ready, you should upload it to your piece page. Once your episode segments are ready, upload them to your piece page as well and publish the full episode. 

If audio is not uploaded 11 hours before the air window opens, you will start receiving late notices every hour (trust us- you don't want this).


Step 9: Success!


Need to make edits?

You will need to unpublish the piece first. When you republish the piece the files will deliver to stations and overwrite the incorrect files. Make sure you "Contact Subscribers"  to let them know a change has been made. 


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