Why am I getting late notifications?

When your subscribable series is set up, the system obtains two important facts: the day/time your air window opens, and how many days before the date promos become available. 

If there is no audio uploaded 11 hours out from the opening of your air window, you will start receiving late notifications every hour. This goes for program audio AND promos.

For example: Lets say your series has an air window that opens weekly at 12AM on Wednesday, and promos are expected 2 days prior (12AM on Monday). This means that your program has two weekly "air window" openings: promos are due by 12AM on Monday and program audio is due by 12AM on Wednesday.

If there is no audio uploaded 11 hours before each the promo window or program window opens, you will begin receiving late emails every hour (so by 1PM Sunday for the promo, and 1PM Tuesday for the program audio).

To check the schedule for your series, visit your series profile page and click "Edit Subscription Info" under Actions in the upper right.

If you need to make changes, contact help@prx.org

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