How to subscribe to a series like The Moth

If you've received an email from PRX or a show letting you know that they are now distributing their program via automated delivery, you must subscribe to the show. Here are some instructions that will walk you through the subscription process.

  1. Log in to  
  2. Go to the series page for the program you take.
  3. Select SUBSCRIBE TO SERIES (blue button on the right). Note: If you don’t see a subscribe button, please contact us.
  4. Agree to terms.
  5. Fill out your Billing Contact Info.
  6. Select the day that you air the program (not the day you want it delivered) and tell us how you want it delivered. If you repeat the show, choose the 2nd airing day.
  7. Select how you would like the file delivered. PRX can push files to your FTP server or you can pull files down from an FTP that PRX provides.
  8. Choose your file type. Most likely you’ll want .wav wrapped .mp2 and short filename which is generally the best option for automation systems.
  9. Click continue. Click Apply for Subscription. PRX will approve your subscription when it comes through.



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